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Our main research interests are welfare services and social policy.
Our research analyzes the significant role of welfare services in society and aims to understand the role of welfare services as a structural feature of the Norwegian welfare model. Accordingly, many of our projects aim to develop an understanding of how different aspects of the welfare society affect and is affected by both its citizens and the producers of welfare services.

Our innovation perspective entails a particular focus on how the welfare society and welfare services are constantly evolving through adaptation and restructuring in order to meet the societal needs of the future. Most of our research is conducted in close collaboration with different stakeholders.

Our Research Group is known to emphasize a bottom-up up perspective and to develop research questions relevant to the many stakeholders of welfare services and social policy.
Research Professor, part-time post
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Researcher II
Researcher II
Research Professor
Research Professor
Research Professor
Research Professor
Forsker III
Forsker III
  • Foto: Karoline O.A. Pettersen

    Several new, large projects have increased the need for researchers in the north. Nordland Research Institute currently has several vacancies. Your dream job may be within reach if you are passionate about sea or welfare research. In the last two years, Nordland Research Institute has hired 20 new employees, and more will come.

  • Livet som gammel på bygda er bedre enn sitt rykte. Foto: Arild Storaas

    People moving away, increase of elderly people, lack of municipal services. So say the media when speaking about rural districts. Now scientists can prove them wrong.

  • Administrerende direktør Iselin Marstrander kan gå julen i møte med visshet om et godt nytt prosjektår skal komme. Foto: Thoralf Fagertun

    When the Research Council made their project funding public, Nordland Research Institute (NRI) was named among the recipients no less than five times. – Excellent news, says managing director Iselin Marstrander.


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