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  • Grete Hovelsrud har gjennom mange års forskning - også i felt - opparbeidet seg svært solid kunnskap om arktiske forhold. Foto: Privat

    1400 stepped forward, 222 were chosen. Nordland Research Institute´s very own Grete Hovelsrud was one of them.

  • En smarttelefon inneholder omlag 30 milligram gull, i følge telefonprodusenten Fairphone. Foto: Fairphone

    Even though our society needs to recover rare metals from phones, lightbulbs and electric cars, this almost never happens. Now researchers are going to find out why.

  • Foto: iStock / molchanovdmitry

    The Norwegian outfield is a place where men hunt and fish. But it is also a place where women climb and kite. Now researchers are about to broaden the definition of the outfield.

  • Administrerende direktør Iselin Marstrander kan gå julen i møte med visshet om et godt nytt prosjektår skal komme. Foto: Thoralf Fagertun

    When the Research Council made their project funding public, Nordland Research Institute (NRI) was named among the recipients no less than five times. – Excellent news, says managing director Iselin Marstrander.

  • Jomfruland er eit av verneområda som er med i forsøksordninga. Foto: Gunn Elin Fedreheim

    Administration of national parks and protected areas is strenghtened when landowners and others with user interest are included in the decision making.