Illustrasjon: Martin Losvik
Illustration: Martin Losvik


The Business research group at Nordland Research Institute has long and wide-ranging experience in research related to business and industry.
The business research group consists of nine senior researchers with backgrounds from economics, management, innovation and entrepreneurship, and sociology. Key research areas are regional and business development (with especial focus on Norway and the northern areas.), innovation processes in both private and public sectors, socio-economic perspectives on technology development (including Responsible Research and Innovation), sustainability transitions and the circular economy.

The group leads various research projects, with funding sources such as a number of research contracts with counties and municipalities, grants from the Research Council of Norway, and funding from the EU though Horizon 2020. The business group works closely with the other two research groups (Environment and Welfare), and also has good cooperation with other research environments in Norway and abroad, as well as private and public actors.

Important industries for the group’s research are algae, construction, energy, industry, seafood, tourism and waste management.
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  • SeeRRI 2021 - illustrasjon

    The EU-project SeeRRI, lead by Nordland Research Institute, is ending in style in Barcelona.

  • Suyash Jolly på Grønland. Foto: Privat

    When Suyash Jolly applied for a visa to visit Greenland in November, the embassy asked if he was kidding.

  • En smarttelefon inneholder omlag 30 milligram gull, i følge telefonprodusenten Fairphone. Foto: Fairphone

    Even though our society needs to recover rare metals from phones, lightbulbs and electric cars, this almost never happens. Now researchers are going to find out why.


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