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DigiTeRRI has been developed to empower three traditional industry regions to harness the opportunities presented by digitalization.

The project co-createsa framework and roadmaps for a responsible transition to self-sustaining, digitalized industrial R&I ecosystems. It addresses the challenges in the interplay between business, academia, government and society ‒the quadruple helix ‒ to initiate openness, democratic accountability and responsiveness in a process that will in turn promote resilience within these new, digitalized R&I ecosystems.

An RRI approach in key issues such as gender equality, science education, open access, public Engagement, and ethics during the digitalization process will help to support both organisations and citizens in adapting to the transformation that is revolutionizing research, industry, the economy, and society.

Financed by
European Union - Horizon 2020
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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
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