Voldsutsatthet blant skeive med innvandrerbakgrunn
Helga Eggebø
Elisabeth Stubberud

Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

Cappelen Damm Akademisk

This chapter analyses experiences of violence among queer immigrants in Norway. The aim of the chapter is to explore the various experiences of violence, and how vulnerability to violence is related to the wider patterns of discrimination and juridical, economic and social marginalisation. Based on an inductive analysis of interviews with 41 lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people with immigrant backgrounds, we have identified four key themes: 1) Sexual abuse, 2) violence in relation to coming out as queer, 3) exposure to violence within Norwegian institutions dealing with immigration and integration, and 4) racism and violence. The experiences of violence that the participants talk about include violence from family members, acquaintances, strangers and representatives of public institutions. In order to understand queer immigrants’ experiences of violence, it is necessary to focus on the interconnectedness of various forms of violence that take place in different arenas and in different relationships. Moreover, violence needs to be understood in connection to discrimination and marginalisation based on the status as immigrant and queer.