At the limits of sustainability: Exploring extended producer responsibility in the management of agrochemical packaging
Thiago José Arruda de Oliveira
Leticia Antunes Nogueira
Waldecy Rodrigues
Academic article
Ambiente & Sociedade
Year published:
The study discusses the limitations of take-back schemes for agrochemical packaging in promoting sustainability. Through the case of inPEV and the Campo Limpo System, the analysis focused on data from IBGE, IBAMA, and secondary sources. Results show that the system’s organization favors large agricultural producers, particularly in the soybean chain, while small producers are marginalized. Although this strategy allows for high rates of collection, a crucial shortcoming refers to environment and health related effects on family farms. This is embodied in the dilemma that take-back schemes for agrochemical packaging are necessary in terms of adequate waste management, but can create conditions that institutionalize the use of agrochemicals and legitimize their increasing application. Consequently, sustainability in food production systems is a complex and multidimensional affair, which require coordinated effort of civil society, public authorities, and producers.