Voices from the North: Stories About Active Ageing, Everyday Life and Home-Based Care Among Older People in Northern Norway
Helga Eggebø
Mai Camilla Munkejord
Walter Schönfelder

Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

Springer Nature

What is the meaning of active ageing in the daily life of frail older people in need of comprehensive home-based care services? This chapter addresses this question using in-depth interviews with women and men aged 70-97 in Northern Norway. The chapter illustrates first, that some older women and men actually prefer to age actively within their home by doing activities such as reading books, solving Sudoku, watching TV and watching birds at the bird feeder. Second, it illustrates the key role potentially played by the next of kin in helping older relatives with different practical issues that may have major impacts on their social well-being. Third, we provide evidence for the limits of public care services in supporting older people with no or few relatives who, also when