Family Migration and Integration: The Need for a New Research Agenda
Helga Eggebø
Jan-Paul Brekke

Academic article

Nordic Journal of Migration Research

This article investigates the link between family migration and integration. It is based on a literature review of existing research across the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, focusing on examples from Denmark and Norway. Much of the existing literature on family migration and integration analyses legal changes and policy arguments. Focusing on literature about integration and regulation outcomes, we identify the following two dominant topic areas in existing academic work: (1) empirical studies of labour market integration outcomes for family migrants – some limited to focusing on intra-marriages – and (2) research about the consequences of family immigration regulations. The article highlights the need for a new research agenda that moves beyond studies of intra-ethnic marriages and labour market participation to include all groups of family migrants and diff erent dimensions of integration. Moreover, it should analyse long-term eff ects of family migration regulations, as well as postentry regulations and social structures.