Nordlandsforskning AS (Nordland Research Institute) is owned by Nord University (51 per cent) and The Nordland Research Foundation (49 per cent). A shareholder agreement between the parties describes the owners' goals for the company.

Nord University

Nord University was established on January 1st, 2016. The university has approximately 1,300 employees and 11,000 students, spread over several campuses in Nordland and Trøndelag regions.

Nordlandsforskning AS is part of the Nord University group as a peripheral zone institute.

The Nordland Research Foundation

The Nordland Research Foundation is a non-profit organisation established by Nordland County Council in 1979. The foundation's purpose is to carry out research, dissemination, development and innovation in active collaboration with private and public sectors as well as research and educational environments.

In 2010, the research activity was separated, and the subsidiary Nordlandsforskning AS took care of the purpose. The foundation operates the property that Nordlandsforskning AS rents.

The Nordland Research Foundation's managing director is Iselin Marstrander, also the managing director of Nordlandsforskning AS.

The board consists of four members. The county council appoints three in Nordland County Council, and one is representative of employees. The board is chosen for four years, except for the employee representative, who is elected for two years.


The Nordland Research Foundation's board (as of july 1st, 2021):

Board member


Selected by:

Sissel Ovesen


Nordland County Council

Hanne Thommesen

Board member

Nordland County Council

Jorulf Haugen

Board member

Nordland County Council

Arild Gjetsen

Board member

Nordlandsforskning AS - representative of employees


You can contact the chairman of the board via phone 922 92 725 or email so@kpb.no

Managing director Iselin Marstrander can be contacted by phone 40408365 or email ima@nforsk.no