Foto: Karoline O.A. Pettersen

Expert List

Our researchers know different fields and can help you with many topics. Here is our thematic expert list.


Absence in primary school: Esben Olesen

Accessible tourism: Merete Kvamme Fabritius

Adaptation capacity: Grete HovelsrudJulia Olsen

Adaptation to climate change: Grete Hovelsrud

Aging and elderly care:: Helga Eggebø, Trond Bliksvær

Agriculture: Grete Hovelsrud

Arctic: Brigt Dale, Grete HovelsrudJulia Olsen

Arctic tourism: Julia OlsenGrete Hovelsrud

Area and community planning: Aase Kristine Lundberg, Mathias Brynildsen Reinar

Aquaculture: Maiken Bjørkan



Breeding: Brigt DaleMaiken Bjørkan



Circular economy: Leticia Antunes NogueiraBjørn Vidar Vangelsten

Climate adaptation: Aase Kristine LundbergBrigt DaleJulia OlsenGrete Hovelsrud

Climate and equality: Helga Eggebø

Climate change: Grete Hovelsrud

Climate risk: Bjørn Vidar Vangelsten

Coastal fishing: Grete Hovelsrud

Coercion and boundary setting in foster homes: Esben OlesenTrond Bliksvær

Coercion in child and youth psychiatry: Esben Olesen

Collective research methods: Helga Eggebø

Conservation management, national parks and landscape conservation areas: Aase Kristine Lundberg

Co-production of knowledge: Grete HovelsrudKarin Marie Antonsen



Digital strategies and business models: Nhien Nguyen

Digital upbringing: Fredrik Langeland



Employee-driven innovation: Stian Bragtvedt 

Energy issues and wind energy: Suyash Jolly

Equality and discrimination: Helga EggebøFredrik Langeland

Experience-based tourism: Merete Kvamme FabritiusKarin Marie Antonsen

The extractive industries (oil and gas, mining): Brigt Dale 



Field management: Aase Kristine Lundberg

Film as a research method: Esben Olesen

Fisheries management: Maiken Bjørkan

Foster homes: Esben OlesenTrond Bliksvær

Functional impairment: Trond Bliksvær



A gender perspective on nature management: Aase Kristine Lundberg 

Gender and sexuality diversity: Fredrik LangelandHelga Eggebø

Gender perspective on climate policy: Aase Kristine LundbergHelga Eggebø

Greenland: Brigt Dale



Immigration regulation: Helga Eggebø

Inclusion in working life: Trond Bliksvær 

Industry: Stian Bragtvedt 

Innovation: Leticia Antunes Nogueira

Innovation in Developing Economies: Suyash Jolly 

Innovation management: Nhien Nguyen

Innovation Policy: Suyash Jolly



Living conditions among lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people: Helga EggebøFredrik Langeland

Local communities: Grete HovelsrudJulia Olsen

Local democracy and municipal sector: Arild GjertsenMathias Brynildsen Reinar

Local participation and involvement in nature management: Aase Kristine Lundberg

Lofoten, Vesterålen og Senja: Brigt DaleKarin Marie Antonsen



Marine litter: Julia OlsenLeticia Antunes NogueiraBjørn Vidar Vangelsten 

Media and popular culture: Fredrik Langeland

Men and masculinities: Fredrik Langeland



Nordic green growth: Suyash Jolly

The northern areas: Brigt DaleGrete HovelsrudJulia Olsen

The Norwegian cooperation model: Stian Bragtvedt



Outsiders and radicalisation: Fredrik Langeland



Protection of the coastal zone: Maiken Bjørkan



Regional planning: Aase Kristine Lundberg

Regional development: Suyash Jolly

Reindeer herding: Grete Hovelsrud, Camilla Risvoll, Majken Paulsen 

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI): Nhien Nguyen



Sea transport in the Northern areas: Julia Olsen

Schools: Karl Jan Solstad

Secondary education: Karin Marie Antonsen

Services for children and young people: Trond Bliksvær

Society and environmental links: Grete Hovelsrud

Sustainable food systems: Bjørn Vidar Vangelsten

Sustainable transition: Leticia Antunes Nogueira

Svalbard: Julia OlsenGrete Hovelsrud



Tourism: Julia OlsenKarin Marie Antonsen

Traditional knowledge: Grete Hovelsrud

Transition to a low-emission society: Grete Hovelsrud



UN climate panel: Grete Hovelsrud

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals: Maiken BjørkanAase Kristine LundbergBjørn Vidar VangelstenMathias Brynildsen Reinar, Karin Marie Antonsen

Urban development: Mathias Brynildsen Reinar

Use and protection themes: Aase Kristine Lundberg

User participation in health and welfare services: Esben Olesen 



Waste: Leticia Antunes Nogueira

Working life: Stian Bragtvedt



Young people's encounter with mental health care: Esben Olesen