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Daniel's expertise, while spanning a diverse set of cross-disciplinary fields, focuses primarily on the intersection between social inequality and health. These interests include research in the fields of, in recent years, technology and innovation, but also political governance and social development, the intersection of social and environmental sustainability, social and political power and human rights, and quality of life, health and ethics more broadly. His academic background is heavily informed by work in the fields of public health and the sociology of health, but also find inspiration from a multidisciplinary perspective from social, health and technology sciences. In addition to spending time working as a researcher, he has spent years of his life working in public health policy development at the county level, as an activist working in the cross-section betwen environmental and industry issues, as a small-scale vegetable farmer and as a mountain guide. 


Daniel has his Bachelor (2008) and Master (2011) degree from the department of kinesiology at San Diego State University and his PhD (2019) from the department of Public Health and Nursing at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His PhD can be found here: "The Pro-Innovation Paradox: Social inequalities and health in an age of technological transformation"