Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals for Marine and Coastal Management in Norway: A Venture Overdue.
Dorothy Jane Dankel
Wiebren J. Boonstra
Maiken Bjørkan
Jessica Leyla Fuller
Lisbeth Iversen
Sigrid Eskeland Schütz
Gro Ingleid van der Meeren
Ingrid van Putten
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
Springer Nature
Year published:
Meeting global challenges requires regional and local alignment of institutional and business practices. The purpose of our work is to understand, using qualitative systems analysis, how the Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved through local, cross-sectoral solutions. In this chapter, we start by reviewing the status quo of marine and coastal management in Norway and contrast with the United Nations’ expectations for localization of the Sustainable Development Goals. One key finding is that despite vast knowledge on ocean and coastal use and management, Norway has very few examples of actual localization of the Sustainable Development Goals. We present a case study from Andøy Municipality where we use Social-Ecological Systems mapping to spawn awareness and spur local businesses to harness relevant sustainability targets at the local level.