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Key qualifications

Application (adaptation and translation) of the UN SDGs. Sustainability frameworks for monitoring and reporting. Societal transformation. Societal planning wrt. climate change and sustainability action plans, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and natural hazard management. Carbon footprinting. Climate models and projections. Marine waste management.

  • Master in Climate Change Management, Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL), Sogndal, Norway. (2016 - 2018).
    • Master thesis: “Improving the Sustainability of HVL: (i) A Translation of the UN SDGs for Higher Education Institutes and (ii) HVL Stakeholders’ Perceptions of, Willingness to Act, and Recommendations for HVL Sustainability”


  • Bsc. (hons) in Earth Sciences, The University of Glasgow, Scotland (2012 - 2016) with International Exchange, The University of Fairbanks, Alaska (2014 - 2015)
    • Bachelor thesis: “Calibration of a new temperature proxy in southern Spain based on biomarkers from lake sediments” with Biomarkers for Environmental and Climate Science group
    • Bachelor thesis: “Geologic Field Mapping: Geology of East Isle of Rum, Scotland”.