Forskere i samtale. Foto: Karoline O.A. Pettersen

About Nordlandsforskning

Nordland Research Institute is the only social science research institute in Northern Norway with both ownership and headquarters in the north.

We aim to continue to be the preferred knowledge provider locally, nationally, and internationally, as well as an accomplished research environment. Decisionmakers often use our research in investigations, plans and hearings. 

The institute's research activities are rooted in the northern regions, and we use the local advantage to shed light on more critical questions and problems. With projects related to restructuration, innovation and adaptation, our research is helping to shape future society.

Our employees have experience in leading research and development projects based on co-production. The researchers have large networks across various disciplines, from the humanities to the natural sciences, and collaborate with different social actors such as citizens, private businesses, civil society organisations, public actors, research environments and political authorities.

Nordland Research Institute was established in 1979 in Bodø, Norway. Today we also have offices in Svolvær and Mo i Rana.


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Nordland Research Institute's headquarters is located on the university campus in Bodø.
Nordland Research Institute's Lofoten office is located on the quayside in Svolvær.
Nordland Research Institute has offices at the Campus Helgelend in Mo i Rana.
Nordland Research Institute is involved in a number of research centers and organisations.
Nordlandsforskning AS (Nordland Research Institute) is owned by Nord University and The Nordland Research Foundation.
Gender balance, diversity and inclusion are fundamental values for Nordland Research Institute.