The project “ARCTICCHALLENGE (arctic petroleum development as a challenge to societies: a comparative look at norwegian, greenlandic and US/alaskan sites”) investigates the increased need for energy as a major challenge to society, and therefore to politics, in our time, and the effects on local lives in communities in the Arctic this challenge represents.

Increasing awareness and focus on the potential for petroleum development has become a major driver for change in the Arctic regions of Norway, Greenland and Alaska, and both risks and profits associated with this extractive industry is expected to influence strategic planning of regional stakeholders.

Important variables for political and industry decision-making are how people view the associated changes in:

  • social-ecological systems
  • resource management
  • livelihood
  • living conditions
  • well-being
  • quality of life
  • demographic patterns
  • culture and identities of the peoples of the north

ARCTICCHALLENGE is thus a timely study as it investigates both the opportunities and constraints of such changes and developments in the north, and in particular how these are perceived between societal scales and across national boundaries.

The project will address the major uncertainties connected to climate change and petroleum developments as they are experienced locally. These experiences will be connected to a broad Arctic context, including a comparison of governmental rhetoric on climate change and petroleum development issues and local perceptions of security

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