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SEQUAL is a multi-country collaborative project of research organizations in Norway, Spain and Sweden, funded through the EU GENDER-NET Plus ERA-NET Cofund.
01.04.2019PågåendeCamilla Risvoll,Helga Eggebø,Julia Olsen,Malene Paulsen Lie,Siri VelandAase Kristine Lundberg
CityLoops brings together seven ambitious European cities to demonstrate a series of innovative tools and urban planning approaches, aimed at closing the loops of urban material flows and increasing their regenerative capacity.
01.10.2019PågåendeAre Jensen,Arild Gjertsen,Bjarne Lindeløv,Brigt Dale,Jens Ørding Hansen ,Leticia Antunes Nogueira,Lill-Kristin Jenssen,Nhien Nguyen,Thoralf FagertunBjørn Vidar Vangelsten
Social-ecological relations and gender equality: Dynamics and processes for transformational change across scales (SEQUAL).
In this project, we investigate gender differences in participation and leadership in climate related processes - everyday practices, decision-making and adaptation strategies - at all levels in society.
01.03.2019PågåendeCamilla Risvoll,Helga EggebøAase Kristine Lundberg
Barricade: Barents Sea Transport, Residence and Destiny of plastic particles
The BARRICADE project aims at describing long distance and long term transport and fate modelling of oceanic plastic in the Arctic.
01.06.2019PågåendeMaiken BjørkanLeticia Antunes Nogueira
Regions that fail to renew themselves face uncertain prospects. The research project SeeRRI – managed from Bodø and funded by the European Union – will explore how regions such as Nordland can lay strategies for a sustainable and profitable future.
01.01.2019PågåendeJens Ørding Hansen ,Are JensenNhien Nguyen
Impacts of climate change on Norwegian nature based tourism.
01.03.2018PågåendeBrigt Dale,Merete Kvamme Fabritius,Bjørn Vidar VangelstenKarin Marie Antonsen
Local transformation towards a low emission society.
01.09.2018PågåendeVegard PedersenGrete Hovelsrud
I AM RRI investigates webs of innovation value chains in additive manufacturing (AM) and identifies openings for responsible research and innovation (RRI).
01.05.2018PågåendeÅge Mariussen,Evgueni Vinogradov,Are JensenNhien Nguyen
New knowledge for reduction and utilization of marine waste from fisheries.
01.06.2017AvsluttedeBjørn Vidar Vangelsten
Climate Change effects on the epidemiology of infectious diseases and the impacts on Northern societies (CLINF). CLINF is an interdisciplinary project with partners across the Arctic.
01.12.2016PågåendeCamilla Risvoll,Marianne Karlsson,Brigt DaleGrete Hovelsrud

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