Senior Researcher - Business Group

Many new exciting projects have led us to look for more researchers for the Business Research Group. We offer an excellent work environment, great independence in day-to-day activities, access to regional, national and international networks, and competitive pay.

About the position:
We are looking for people who want to help develop an exciting academic environment, and work to strengthen Nordland Research Institute's profile in our priority areas. Currently, our most relevant research interests are the circular economy, the capacity of businesses to realize transitions to sustainability, as well as regional and business development related to Norway and the northern areas. We are interested in applicants who:

  • Have a PhD;
  • Publish in academic outlets;
  • Are interested in applied and contract research;
  • Have regional, national and international networks;
  • Have good communication skills and thrive in collaborative work;
  • Have abilities in dissemination of research to wider audiences.

In addition, experience with project initiation (EU and the Research Council of Norway), contract research and project management will be emphasized. Expertise with both quantitative and qualitative method are of interest. Mastery of English is required (both orally and in writing). You should also master Norwegian (or another Scandinavian language) or have a desire to learn it. Applicants who are about to deliver their doctoral dissertation are also encouraged to apply, since the date of appointment can be discussed. We aim to hire one or two people, depending on qualifications and seniority.

The main tasks refer to initiating projects (writing grant applications and bids to contract tenders), contributing to ongoing projects, and carrying out interdisciplinary and professional research work, investigations and evaluations for both the private and public sectors. Often times, working at a research institute demands a high pace and intensive workload. We depend on the ability of the team to collaborate, and we expect the candidate to contribute to both the quality of our work environment, and to building our research environment.

We offer:
We have a good working environment, high levels of job satisfaction and intense cooperation across the research groups. You will have the opportunity to work with anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, geographers etc. We have projects where we collaborate with oceanographers, biologists, agronomists and engineers. We are looking for researchers who are positive to this transdisciplinarity. Researchers have great freedom and independence in their day-to-day, but also have responsibility to contribute to acquire funding.

We offer permanent positions. Salary follows local special agreement. We offer competitive wages compared to other research communities in Norway, and the cost of living is lower in Bodø compared to the larger cities.

Bodø is undergoing strong development, and is considered an increasingly attractive place to live. The city is amongst Norway’s fastest growing and it is of crucial importance to northern Norway. Large public investments and development projects provide exciting opportunities both for the development of the city and for new research projects: Bodø as the European capital of culture in 2024, New city – new airport project.

Employees at Nordland Research Institute have access to Nord University's sports facilities (bedriftsidrettslag), which offers a variety of activities, such as swimming, yoga, football, squash, tennis, loans of kayaks and more. The area offers a good combination of urban environment and exciting outdoor life with a short distance to both sea, forest and mountains.

About us:
Nordland Research Institute is specialized in the social sciences, and has about 40 employees. The institute is located in Bodø, with offices in Mo i Rana and Svolvær. Our main sources of revenue concerns national and international research grants, research contracts, and the basic funding from the Research Council of Norway, which goes to strategic competence building.

The Business Research Group consists of eight senior researchers with backgrounds from economics, business administration, innovation and entrepreneurship, and sociology. Key research areas are regional and business development, innovation processes in both private and public sectors, social and economic perspectives on technology development (including responsible research and innovation), transitions to sustainability and the circular economy, institutional framework conditions,  instruments and incentives. The group and Nordland Research Institute also takes part in several European projects funded by the Horizon 2020 program. The Business Group works closely with the other two research groups—Environment and Welfare—and also has frequent cooperation with other research environments in Norway and abroad, as well as private and public actors.

For more information, contact:

  • Research director - Business Leticia Antunes Nogueira / +47 949 84 541
  • Executive director Iselin Marstrander: / +47 404 08 365

Applications can be sent via e-mail before 28th February 2020. For the application you should send an application letter and your updated CV. We also ask you to send a copy of (or a link to) two or three selected publications (or your doctoral thesis).

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