Megan Palmer-Abbs

Megan Palmer-Abbs
Megan Palmer-Abbs Tittel: Forsker II Telefon: work 91 13 41 42
Megan has over 20 years’ experience working in Sustainable Development and more latterly technology innovation and societal change. She has had a varied career starting in social work, a business founder and director of a small sustainability and business management consultancy, more recently returning to academia specialising in peripheral regional business innovation and development. Recent experiences include, the digital economy and rural business innovation, innovative digital health services, co-production design thinking, working on complex public/private/academic consortium projects. Her current research interests continue in sustainable peripheral regions, encompassing innovation in areas such as the digital economy, circular economy, sustainable resource management and business services including construction, food systems and wellbeing. Ever active she was previously an executive member of a Regional Development Board, a Higher Education Institute, and various associated subcommittees. She is currently the secretary for the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) Rural Geographers Research Group (RGRG) and a member of the Digital Geographers Research Group. In recognition of here regional and sustainable development activities, she is a professional member of the Institute of Economic Development (IED) and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS).
PhD: The impact of Next Generation Broadband (NGB) on rural small and micro businesses in the North East of Scotland - University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK BSc (Open) Sustainable Development and the History of Technology: The Open University (Milton Keynes, UK) Diploma (Open) International Environmental Policy: The Open University (Milton Keynes, UK)

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