About us

Nordland Research Institute conduct research on topics which are related to social science, entrepreneurship and environment. Our thematic scope is extensive and cross-sectional, and we also participate in research and development projects in close co-operation with public and private clients. Nordland Research Institute participates in procurement and dissemination of knowledge and science.

The institute returns a gross profit of 35 million NOK annually, and employs about 40 researchers and administrative staff. Our research is being funded by regional, national and international clients, and the results are being disseminated in reports, articles and presentations.

The institute was originally founded in 1979 as a private foundation, and subsequently became a joint-stock company on 1 January 2010, co-owned by Nordland University and the Nordlandsforskning Foundation. 
We conduct research on the following topics:


  • Innovation
  • Regional development
  • Culture
  • Tourism
  • The marine industry


  • Innovation
  • Public health
  • Health care services
  • Employment
  • Childhood and education


  • Innovation
  • Regional development
  • Climate
  • Land use
  • Natural resources

Postboks 1490
N-8049 Bodø

Besøksadresse: Universitetsalleen 11
Tlf: +47 75 41 18 10
E-post nf@nforsk.no

Bank konto: 4500 55 98811
NO/VAT 989 714 309 MVA